We offer everyone, of all ages and levels of ability the chance to participate in the exhilarating experience of horse riding. Our farm attracts riders from all walks of life – schools and colleges, day-trippers, international and interstate visitors and community groups.

Rainforest Ride (Approx. 1 Hour)

Otford Farm is nestled in a lush valley with a lush rainforest and a flowing clear water river. The Rainforest Ride tracks a path by the river then up into the forest above. Crossing the creek several times, experience riding through water, native forests and open hilltop areas where you can go a little faster if you are more experienced.

$85 per person

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Waterfall Ride (Approx. 2 hours)

Ride to the amazing Kelly’s Falls in the Royal National Park. This ride includes a ride up to the edge of the Royal National Park where we lead our horses past the falls and take in one of the most beautiful places in the National Park. The ride also includes plenty of river crossings and rainforest paths that are part of the Rainforest Ride.

$150 per person

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Bald Hill Adventure Ride (Approx. 3 hours)

Want views of the ocean? This is the ride for you! Taking in all the sites of the farm, this ride takes riders into the high country towards the coast. There is also plenty of open ground for more experienced riders.

$210 per person

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